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Track & Field | May 7, 2020

Hawk Ladies, Virtual District Track Meet has 4th Place Finish


Alyssa Strickland taking a first place in earlier meet this year.      rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Canyon Lake’s Girls Track team finished in 4th Place in a virtual District 28-4A Track Meet.

The ReSporter has compiled all the meets for the schools in district before China got in our way and postponed the Spring Sports for this season.

            Way to Go Hawks!!

A group of Student Athletes that were not allowed to enjoy their Senior campaign as well as the younger ladies that had put themselves in a place to show off their skills but the Wuhan Wall took over those dreams. On how the Meet would have transpired is based on individual students and how those results compared to other district wide athletes will be the only way to have an idea of a finish.

There were 3 meets that were not allowed to commence and so the results below are certainly not what might have happened with real circumstances but this will be the only way of honoring those students.

A few Hawk Ladies might have been in a position to compete in Austin in showing what had been marked in events before from the first meet to that Tivy Meet in March.

Alyssa Strickland was robbed of a final chance to show off how in control of the 100 meter hurdles she had become from her freshman to senior years.

Strickland was moved up early during her Freshman season as Head Coach John Barthels knew he had a special talent early on.

Madison Churbe is another Senior track athlete who had just reached 5-02 in the high jump and destined for a possible opportunity to go to Austin as well as being active in short distance running events as well as participating in two relays.

These two and many more Senior Hawk’s will be missed as they were literally robbed without a chance to represent Canyon Lake on bigger stages.

                        Go Hawks!!

This year, The Lake, was left without enough participants competing throughout all those 17 events which allowed Fredericksburg to win the Virtual District Meet once again.

Newcomer Autumn Westinghouse had the 6th best time in the 800 meter run and Maddie Pipkin might be the next Hawk that will be able to pick up where Strickland finished.

Pipkin finished with a 49.90 time in her 300 meter hurdle race which was 5th best in District 28-4A. Pipkin had the 5th best time in the 100 meter hurdles and is primed to be the next Hawk to score in multiple events and break into the all-time CL rankings.

Landry Brown had the 3rd best high jump and joined with Churbe as both would have qualified for Regional Meet with those marks.

Another Senior, Lainee Moses, was instrumental in the relays for Canyon Lake.

The Hawks had their best mark in the 4×200 relay (Madison Churbe, Alyssa Strickland, Lainee Moses, Riley Shear) only needing to improve a fraction in taking Wimberley for a first place finish.

           Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake had the 3rd best time in the 4×100 relay (Madison Johnson, Riley Shear, Madison Churbe, Lainee Moses) and knocking on the door with a good run and finishing higher. In this relay, a handoff can make an unbeatable foursome into a no-finish if a hand-off is botched.

The 4 Hawksters in the 4×400 relay (Lainee Moses, Madison Johnson, Maddie Pipkin, Riley Shear) will have 3 of the 4 returning next season and this group was just coming into their own and still had the 4th best time in this virtual meet.

Churbe (18 pts) and Johnson (10 pts) finished in double figures while scoring in 4 events. Pipkin scored her 8 points after placing in 3 events.

Thanks for giving your all and wish you could have had an opportunity to complete your year, but another season awaits with the lower grades and all that can be done for those Seniors would be a Thanks for competing and representing your school and community.

Make, The Lake, proud as you enter into that next phase of your life and for one last time, Way to Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter wants the Hawk Nation to know that, starting on Saturday on May 16th at Baja with an on-time of Noon-2pm, CLB (Canyon Lake Broadcasting) will have a Live Stream for those who cannot attend. Football and other sports will be discussed as this shortened year will be ushered out as the 2020-21 school year comes knocking this August.
Stay tuned to The ReSporter as we will announce the place that next week, May 23rd for a final informative time with Coaches and players for this coming season.

Go Hawks!!


                            DISTRICT 28-4A GIRLS TRACK MEET
                  (Virtual Meet based on results from this year’s Season)

                            Team Finish         Points
                            Fredericksburg       227
                            Wimberley            139
                            Boerne                92
                            CL Hawks              73
                            Llano                 58
                            Bandera               43

                            How Hawk’s Finished

                           100 meter run
                           Madison Johnson       13.27  6th

                           200 meter run
                           Madison Churbe        27.82  6th

                           800 meter run
                           Autumn Westinghouse 2:38.53  6th

                           100 meter hurdles
                           Alyssa Strickland     14.81  2nd
                           Maddie Pipkin         16.73  5th

                           300 meter hurdles
                           Maddie Pipkin         49.90  4th
                           Jade Lawless       99-00.00  5th

                           high jump
                           Madison Churbe         5-02  1st
                           Landry Brown           4-10  3rd

                           pole vault
                           Amber Leach            8-03  5th

                           4x100 relay           51.04  3rd
                           Madison Johnson    Madison Churbe
                           Lainee Moses       Riley Shear

                           4x200 relay         1:47.98  2nd
                           Lainee Moses       Madison Churbe
                           Riley Shear        Madison Johnson

                           4x400 relay         4:21.63  4th
                           Lainee Moses       Maddie Pipkin
                           Madison Johnson    Riley Shear