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Sport News, Uncategorized | May 6, 2020

Mountain Valley is Consistent in Sports

Mountain Valley Middle School finishing up Basketball before Wuhan Virus stopped competition. (photo by Jill Coffee)


Mountain Valley has always been that last step for potential athletes ready to see what can be done when they are ready to start their last 4 years of school and compete in sports.

Signature Homes says, Go Hawks!

Two years ago, MV had a bounty crop of athletes, especially in football that had students competing against those bigger schools and causing them to genuflect as those Hawks entered the field of play. That was also true three years ago with a group of young ladies that had a successful middle school year’s in volleyball.

This next group, of soon to be 9th graders in football, did not realize how good they were until their final year after having a growing spurt that allowed this football team opening their eyes and seeing that they had won against schools that were dominant the previous season.

Consistency, is the most used word in assessing the strength of a team and it is that same word that could be used for MVMS Athletic Director, Brandon Pawelek. That consistency comes by being a part of the school these last few years and not having any ups or downs but regardless of the abilities of the students, a teaching style that has been helping Canyon Lake High School to continue onto field with athletes competing at a high level since the Hawks have been playing at the varsity level starting in 2008.

The ReSporter was able to get some tidbits from Coach Pawelek during the Wuhan Great Wall Virus.

Mountain Valley Boys Soccer going strong. (photo by Jill Coffee)

“This year we were very focused on getting better everyday with our athletes,” Pawelek said. “We play in a very competitive and tough district and our kids definitely improved everyday with going up against tough competition. Our 8th grade football team was much improved from their 7th grade season and we went 4-2 against the other Comal ISD schools. One of our losses to Danville was a very close game that could’ve gone either way. That group of kids will continue to improve next year as freshman.”

Mountain Valley, for the past two school years, has changed their schedule from mirroring CL’s district opponents to competing against the Middle Schools that reside in Comal County.

That on the service sounds fine, except in most instances, has MVMS playing larger schools and being at a disadvantage in having fewer students to choose from when put on the field for game-time.

“As of this year, there were three or four schools that are smaller than us,” Pawelek continued. “Playing against the bigger schools can be tough but we talk to our athletes about how good competition only makes them better. We also instill a mindset of controlling what we can control and focus on working hard and getting better everyday.”

“Overall with our boys and girl’s program, we saw growth on individual skills and more knowledge of how to play as a team.”

MV Girls Soccer going strong. (photo by Jill Coffee)

Pawelek continued with his thoughts on the upcoming group of athletes that will play this season, “We’re looking forward to our 6th and 7th graders competing well next year. Our 6th graders have some good athleticism and there are a lot of good, competitive kids in that group. I expect our 7th graders will improve across the board after getting some good experience as 7th graders.”

Mountain Valley will be in a guessing game when it comes to those 6th graders, as they were not part of those teams that competed and who knows how those growth spurts will continue during a time in life that shoes are being bought at an alarming rate to keep up with those growth years.

There was no excuses for how well Mountain Valley compared to other schools as Athletic Director Pawelek did not mince words on the difference of opponents from those past years to the present, “We are playing some bigger schools now but we have always played tough competition. Wimberley, Navarro, Boerne, Fredericksburg, Cuero, and Liberty Hill were all comparable to who we play now. I think the difference now is the consistency of how good all of our competition is with our current district.”

There was that word again, ‘consistency’, and seeing how long Coach Pawelek has been adding his expertise to the Mountain Valley Middle School students can only make a wide smile from Coach Charley Drum as he will start with a new batch of hopefully, consistent, athletes soon as next year is right around the corner.

The ReSporter wants the Hawk Nation to know that, in the near future, on two Saturday’s during the month of May, CLB (Canyon Lake Broadcasting) will have evening shows that will be in The Lake area where you can attend in person or on the Live Stream. Football and other sports will be discussed as this shortened year will be ushered out as the 2020-21 school year comes knocking this August.

Stay tuned to The ReSporter as we will announce when these dates become a reality and Go (Mountain Valley Middle School & Canyon Lake) Hawks!!