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Homecoming for Melone Hired as Hawk JV Volleyball Coach

Hayley Melone will be getting ready for action as Canyon Lake’s next Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach.


Canyon Lake welcomes home one of it’s own by hiring Hayley Melone as the new junior varsity volleyball coach.

Melone will be making her ‘move’ after serving at Churchill Middle School last year. Her hire will help fill a void after Canyon Lake lost coaches Tasha Ridgeway and Megan Helmey.

Hayley Melone and Regan Mickey posing after making All-Tournment at the Tex Fest Tournament

This all time leader in digs finished her volleyball career with 1,205 digs for The Lake.

That defensive mind will come in handy as Canyon Lake will have a strong junior class that had infiltrated the varsity roster last season.

“I was happy at Churchill,” Melone said. “I have always thought of having a chance to be a coach here and this was a lot quicker than I ever thought it would be.”

One of Melone’s goals for this year is that, “I want to see more growth on the team at the junior varsity level…get the girls ready for the speed of the game and helping them take their next step up because they will have to be ready….I want them to be quick and fast by putting in the work and that will help the program to grow.”

As the 2020 season approaches, Melone has not been a stranger to CL as she has been coaching the Hawk Summer Leagues these past few years giving her familiarity with the athletes and how they play.

“We will be working on our camaraderie and teamwork. We are not just developing the players but a person is learning how to get along,” Melone said.

Head Coach Kim Clemons was ecstatic with this hire saying, “I had asked her to help in summer league and I got good feed back from the players about her communication. We have built trust and I noticed that I did not have to give her ideas as she (Melone) was already thinking the same thing.” Clemons continued, “Any new set of eyes makes it better. We all have different strengths and she will be a big part of that dynamic with her defensive background and she is big on fundamentals to help us move forward.”

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

“I had Tosha (Coach Ridgeway) for seven years and I knew it was coming that she would be leaving to be closer to home,” Clemons said about her former helpmates. “Helmey was a fun person and the kids loved her and respected her. They both built confidence and Helmey was their cheerleader,”

“I feel good and I am very excited about my new staff,” Coach Clemons continued. “They will bring energy and fresh eyes to the team.”

Coach Clemons was also commenting on her new Freshman Coach coming later this month. Coach Elizabeth Carter was coaching at Washington State and grew up in Austin. She will also have duties with softball, her main sport.

Clemons finished, “She (Melone) has commitment and a drive for life and she is our hometown hero.”

                    Let’s Go Hawks!!

“People were telling me that I was crazy for going back to Canyon Lake,” Melone said. “But, I had a great time at Canyon Lake. I was a transfer student and this place was a total different change from New Braunfels. It did not take long for me to become friends with everyone. The teachers were amazing and this is a great place. This school changed my mindset on schools and I want to keep making this place great!!”

Wow, a match made in Heaven for a Homecoming that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Good Luck and take a quick rest because there is not much time before the Hawk Nation will see you in action as Coach Melone. Go Hawks!!