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Sport News, Stats | July 8, 2020

Hawk’s Count-Down for Top 10 Boys Dual Sports


Receiver Matt Magness makes a catch on pivotal third down play in fourth quarter.

The countdown for those best dual boy’s athletes will have 4 articles by grouping 3 at a time and then that #1 Canyon Lake Hawk.

In the previous article, it was mentioned on how this list was formed and that should give you a template on how these athletes were able to grab the attention to be mentioned.

                Let’s Go Hawks!!

Yes, there are a ton of athletes that could have been in this Top 10 line-up, but drawing lines were needed and The ReSporter certainly has enough stats to help in differentiation for this countdown.

The ReSporter hopes you enjoy this rendition as we go back through history on the best athletes in Hawk history.

In that opening piece, The ReSporter mentioned 5 honorable mention students and wanted to share another part for those athletes that would be mentioned as the best athlete for one sport who was not able to make the ‘dual’ list.

That honor for Basketball would go to Rico Griffin. Griffin proved his worth during the Fall Tennis season but that being a minor sport could not propel this recent graduate for a ranking in the dual category.

The ReSporter asked Head Coach Lucas Chapman for some thoughts on Griffin who just completed his senior year.

“When I think of Rico, I think of someone who could really do it all on the basketball court. In his three years on the varsity, we asked him to do something very different each season based on our team’s needs, and he was able to exceptionally do his job.

On offense, he played any where from point guard to our 5-man spot. He was asked to pass, handle the ball, inbound the ball, be a shooter and attack the basket. On defense, he was asked to guard anyone on the floor. Because of these things, he is certainly the most well-rounded and best player in school history.

                   Hawk Proud

He is at the top or near the top in many statistical categories, but more than that he was a very versatile and unselfish player that could make an impact on the game in just about every which way. He is unlike anyone I have coached.

With all that said, we just have to replace his scoring, rebounding, play-making, passing and defensive effort next season. I’m pretty sure we will need several guys just to make up the things that he did for us individually.”


Rico Griffin Basketball Records: ALL TIME RECORDS
             Total Rebounds         1st  558
             Total Points           2nd  794
             Steals                 2nd  124
             Assists                2nd  156
             Made Free Throws       3rd  142
             3-Point Goals         16th   25
             Blocks                13th   19

                                 SEASON BEST                                 
             Points Scored          1st  466   2020
             Rebounds               1st  264   2020
             Field Goals            1st  195   2020
             Steals                 4th   54   2020
             Assists                5th   86   2020
             Steals                 5th   52   2019
             Rebounds               6th  193   2019
             Made Free Throws       7th   73   2020
             Field Goals           15th   89   2019
             Made Free Throws      16th   40   2019


The Hawks have had 3 consecutive years of graduating an all-time scorer. Rory Preiss and Parker Mott preceded Griffin and The ReSporter wanted to honor Griffin and his season.

Now for the first 3 Dual Hawks:

              Let’s Go Hawks!!

We will be kicking off this countdown with Caimen McDonough who was at the top of his game on the Cinders. His Track & Field exploits will be spelled out below but there were track meets that had this young man scoring points in bunches.

McDonough was a 3-Sport athlete and his Football and Basketball accomplishments were equal in the eyes of The ReSporter as there were times in both sports that his dominance was much needed for realizing a win.

McDonough finished with a 9th place in rebounds with 247 and during the 2017 football season, McDonough had 4 receptions with 3 of those resulting in a touchdown.

Scoring in 5 events during a track meet was a common occurance with two of those transpiring with those hurdle runs.

McDonough (15.10) is tied with Brandon Courtney for 2nd place in the 110 hurdles and stands in 3rd place with a 39.64 time in the 300 meter hurdles.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

The Field events has Caimen with a 5th place 6’03 high jump, 5th place 20-04.50 long jump and holding the best triple jump by 2 feet finishing his career with a 44-04.50.

Caimen was able to score with a solid 4×400 meter relay time of 3:24.18 teaming up with Martelli, Sarmiento and Boehm. Which helped in scoring a District Championship for Canyon Lake.


                  Go Hawks!!

Jacob Foster anchored an offensive line that had this athlete opening holes for one of the best running seasons to date. Being named District MVP is an unheard of award for a lineman as those awards are usually reserved for one of those skilled positions with plenty of stats to bolster those claims.

The district coaches were aware of Foster and trying to stop this lineman had to be a priority for those competing teams. CL Hawk Coaches did allow Foster run for a touchdown that turned out to be a bruising 2 yard run.

Foster’s 2nd sport was in the Field part of Track where using brute force helps in making throws with a shot put and discus. Being perched with the best discus throw and 3rd best shot put for Canyon Lake, would show that his ranking was certainly legit.

                         Field Events TOP 3
            Discus and                      Shot Put
         1)   144-11.00 Jacob Foster     1) Robert Woods    47-03.50
         2)   141-07.00 Tony Hocutt      2) Jaaz McNair     45-09.00
         3)   137-09.00 Joseph Crisp     3) Jacob Foster    45-07.50

It did not hurt Foster to have come to the aid of The ReSporter while changing a tire that helped this reporter in not being late for a Hawk Softball game back in the day.


Matt Magness will be the 3rd Hawkster making this exclusive club. Magness is the 2nd best receiver in yards and receptions while making a lot of noise on the Basketball floor.

        Go Hawks!!

Starting in football, Magness played before the slot-t made it’s debut and has the 3rd longest scoring play in Hawk history for 88 yards in a game against Luling back in 2010. Another reception that went 84 yards in a game against Fredericksburg is ranked 6th in that same category.

Magness finished his career with 1041 yards joining Eric Nelson as the only two receivers to break that 1000 yard mark. There were 3 games of reaching over 100 yards with his best contest covering 125 yards ranking as the 7th best in yardage gained for a game.

Magness finished in 12th place in points scored (100) with his 16 touchdown receptions, that once again only trailed Nelson.

Basketball had Magness catching the eyes of the coaches after being moved up during his Freshman year.


                 Records for a Career       Records for a Season
                 Ranked    #                Ranked     #     Year
Points scored      5th   555                 12th    278     2012
Field Goals                                  11th     99     2012
3-Point Goals      7th    52
Free Throw Made    5th   120                  9th     66     2012
Steals             7th    69
Assists            3rd   136                  6th     81     2011
Assists                                      14th     53     2012

Magness was the consummate team player as his 3 and a half years on the varsity allowed running the offense while distributing the ball and playing great defense.

Stayed tune for the next 3 Hawks as we will continue the count down and let The ReSporter your thoughts and way to Go Hawks!!