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Coaches Corner, Track & Field | December 18, 2020

Coaches Corner with Boy’s Track & Field and 2021 Schedule

Nic Rivera was always scoring points in hurdles for The Lake. rr[Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

The Wuhan Virus hit last Spring and did so much damage to our schools and sports with those Seniors becoming those hardest hit.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

This season has had many cancellations and redos with scheduling and hopefully this spring can be different. Certainly with track a team that might lose some performers would not completely keep a school from competing.

The ReSporter had a chance to catch up with Boy’s Track Coach Troy Moses for a schedule and thoughts on this coming season.

The ReSporter: Looking at the different districts has our group of teams pitted against District 27-4A that has just 4 teams.
Would that be an advantage for our district to have an Area Meet after district for a chance of having more student’s from District 28-4A a chance to make it to Regional?

Coach Moses: “100% – Most years our district is VERY strong in Track & Field, so having an Area Meet will always give us a better chance of getting more kids to Regional. Plus I will always be in favor of giving our kids another chance to run and compete.”

The ReSporter: Last year was really wonkie and not having a chance to see CL’s athletes compete when at their best, give us your taste of how good that team might have been given a chance there was no pandemic.

Coach Moses: “I really felt bad for those Seniors that didn’t have a chance to compete. Nic Rivera was one of the best Track Athletes to come through our program and he had a chance to qualify for the State meet, plus he could of challenged the school record in the 300m hurdles.”

                 Says Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Having a large group of athletes competing is a hallmark of Fredericksburg’s success through the years. With Track, this is a sport that shares more with other sports that are being played at the same time.
How is that coordinated with those sports?

Coach Moses: “We just try to get as many kids participating as possible. I feel every athlete in the school should be running track and competing, so we work with all the other sports going on and work around them. We can work a kid out at any time, so if the student wants to run we will work around their other sport.”

The ReSporter: What would have been your number of participants last year?

Coach Moses: “Who knows? We always start with about 80 boys and that dwindles down to about 50 by the time we get to district, but every year is different.”

The ReSporter: This group of Sophomore athletes are off the charts on wanting to compete in as many as possible sports as possible, what does that do for all Hawk sports when you have that level of people ready to give their best?

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!!

Coach Moses: “It’s a good problem to have! As I’ve said before, I just love to see these kids compete. We are not a big enough school to have our best athletes just competing in one sport, it important that the coaching staff works together and allow these kids to do whatever they want.”

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts on this season and what areas would you say will be fun to watch for the Hawk Nation?

Coach Moses: “Well……It’s one of those years where you don’t really know what to expect. For the first time in a long time we will not have a dominate hurdler, so that is one area we will be looking for someone to step up. I do feel we will be very competitive in the throwing event and our 4x100m and 4x200m Relays have potential to be very good.”

The ReSporter: Any particular students that could be reaching some of the best Hawk marks?

Coach Moses: “It’s too early to tell, hopefully someone will surprise us!”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and stay safe and have a Merry CHRISTmas!


                           CANYON LAKE HAWKS
                             TRACK & FIELD

       DATE                   MEET                   LOCATION
       Thursday,  Feb. 18th   Hawk Relays (JV)       Canyon Lake HS
       Saturday,  Feb. 20th   Hawk Relays            Canyon Lake HS

       Friday,    Feb. 26th   Tiger Relays Varsity   Dripping Springs HS
       Saturday,  Feb. 27th   Tiger Relays (JV)      Dripping Springs HS

       Thursday,  Mar.  4th   Davenport Relays       Davenport HS

       Thursday,  Mar. 11th   Panther Relays         Navarro HS

       Thursday,  Mar. 25th   Texan Relays           Wimberley HS

       Wednesday, Mar. 31st   JV District Meet       Fredericksburg HS
       Thursday,  Apr.  1st   Varsity Quad Meet      Wimberley HS

       Wednesday, Apr.  7th   Varsity District Meet  Fredericksburg HS
       Thursday,  Apr.  8th   Varsity District Meet  Fredericksburg HS

       Thursday,  Apr. 15th   Area Track Meet        Wimberley HS