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Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball | February 17, 2021

Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball Finished Year with some High Marks

                                                              Senior Shelby Murphy was always on the go this season.


With basketball no longer playing, The ReSporter, wanted to mention some of the players and stats that were accomplished this past season.

                 Let’s Go Hawks!!

It was not a banter year by any stretch with both Boy’s and Girl’s Teams finishing with their worst seasons. The Ladies woes were more from having lost one of their strongest teams last season and not having enough players coming up to fill those voids this year.

“This was an enjoyable year,” Head Girl’s Coach Zach Burleson stated. “It has been great group of young ladies to be around. For sure it was difficult at times, trying to lean on the fly. The schedule was pretty tough but we did improve throughout the year.”

Adding salt to that proverbial wound was navigating this season with Covid concerns which added to those situations mentioned above.

“For our Seniors, I really appreciate them,” Coach Burleson admonished. “Two outstanding young ladies that I am really proud of. They will be missed and both will be successful and for our returners, we need to get to work and become better at the fundamentals. A lot of work needs to be put in.”

Coach Burleson finished, “We do have a good group coming up next year. I’m excited for that as well.”

There were only two Seniors on this year’s team, Kaitlyn Cox and Shelby Murphy and both had some tough shoes to fill and leading by example certainly being in the cards.

Murphy played for two years on the Varsity with a minor role last year before being thrusted in the limelight as the player to bring the ball up and distribute the ball for the offense.

Murphy led the team with assists (29) and steals (60) which those numbers would have been much higher if not for losing so many games due to the China Virus. Murphy finished 15th in steals made in a season and ended in 12th place for steals for a career with 92.

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!

Cox finished her career playing 3 years on the varsity and had 30 three point makes for 8th on the all-time list and was two places below Murphy in steals leaving CL placed at 14th for that stat.

Cox nudged into 10th place for rebounds (312) and 12th place for blocks (25) as she was needed to fill several roles as this season played out. Cox led the team this year with blocks (13) while leading CL’s team with made free throws.

The Lake’s Boys team ventured out with a new offensive strategy that relied on causing a controlled chaos and scoring points in bunches. The Hawks suited up 21 players during the coarse of this season as Covid played a key role for this team too.

“It was certainly an interesting and tough season for us,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman started. “Aside from some struggles on the court, we were a little unlucky, like many other teams, with COVID issues. I think we would certainly like to have played better and been more competitive, but at the end of the day, I hope and believe that our kids had a good time competing each day. I feel they learned some valuable life-lessons through the trials and tribulations of the season that will make them better young men when they leave high school and battle in the real world.”

Yes, it was an all-of-the-above type of season as these Hawks finished 2nd in points scored per game finishing just behind the 2019 Hawk team.

Canyon Lake did have their best year for rebounding and that was a result of a new offense that had shots being plentiful from beyond the arc and that increased rebounding especially on the offensive board.

               Let’s Go Hawks!!

The Hawks did have some players that rose to the top in many categories even with a season that had only 25 games due to the Wuhan thingy.

“I am proud of our seniors. It is not the way I would have liked to have sent them out, but it is what it is,” Coach Chapman continued. “(Tyler) Pauly was really unbelievable this season. He had a really incredible year individually and did some really good things. We had to have him do probably more than he is comfortable doing, but by the end of the season, he was filling up the stat sheet in many areas. He really grew into our leader this season, and I look forward to him racking up some hits, strikeouts and wins on the diamond this spring.”

Pauly replaced some records that had been standing for a long period of time. Assists would be a stat that embodies teamwork as a point guard runs an offense and having a player that can dish the rock for shots goes a long way for getting everyone involved.

Pauly passed (pardon the pun) Doug Hubnik for the all-time lead finishing his career breaking the 200 assist threshold finishing with 214 as two years playing on the Varsity.

“I am really proud of Colton (Winters).” Coach Chapman said. “Here is a young man that certainly does not fit the mold of a basketball player, but he overcame some of his physical limitations and turned into one of the better scorers in school history. He improved probably more than any player I have coached over the course of four seasons. He is also a great kid, and I look forward to coaching him on the golf course in the next couple of months.”

              Let’s Go Hawks!!

That is just a sampling of accolades but losing a Tuff Cantu and Matt Taliaferro, to name a few, for extended times during this season due to Covid did not help and turned a bad situation worse when installing a new offense.

Here are the All-Time and Season marks that made this year with some exciting moments. These records did not have as many games played that other players enjoyed but there was certainly a lot of highs to enjoy.

Way to Go Hawks!!


            SEASON BEST                              CAREER BEST
                                #   Place                                #    Place
            Tyler Pauly       118   2nd   ASSISTS    Tyler Pauly       214    1st

            Peyton McMullen    34   4th   BLOCKS     Peyton McMullen    60    3rd
            Tyler Pauly        47   8th   STEALS     Tyler Pauly        81    4th
                                                     Peyton McMullen    60   16th
                                                     Tuff Cantu         40   19th
                                                     Colton Winters     40   19th

            Peyton McMullen   117  17th   REBOUNDS   Peyton McMullen   236   11th
                                                     Tyler Pauly       164   15th

            Tyler Pauly        84   4th  FREE THROWS Tyler Pauly       124    4th
            Colton Winters     56  13th              Colton Winters     61   14th

            Colton Winters     78   1st  3PT GOALS   Colton Winters     81    3rd
            Tyler Pauly        25  16th              Tyler Pauly        34   14th
                                                     Tuff Cantu         25   19th

            Colton Winters    368   8th TOTAL POINTS Colton Winters    396   10th
            Tyler Pauly       251  16th              Tyler Pauly       378   11th
                                                     Peyton McMullen   223   17th