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Baseball | May 26, 2021

CL Hawks’ Magical Season (1st of 3 Part Series)

Sophomore Chase Anderson had an awakening as a batter this year.

Sophomore Chase Anderson had an awakening as a batter this year. (photo by Dennis Rohlmier)

A magical year for Canyon Lake’s Baseball team that would end this season with several records by individuals and as a team.

It was a season that was primed with a shortened season in 2020 because of Covid. Then a wait and see what might happen when this year came with a blow dryer out of a Frozen February and into a campaign that had more highs than lows on this roller coaster of ebbs and flows.

Realistically, the only people that knew Canyon Lake had a chance of this potentially being a break-out year was the Hawk Coaching Staff and Fans.

Last year’s team lost some deserving players that did not have an opportunity to finish but last year’s start, would be an opening act for a year that will become a flag bearer for future CL teams.

Replacing a centerfielder, Brandon Robinson, would be a tough act but by the middle of the season a newcomer had entrenched himself as that every day player in Matthew McLain.

How bout no errors for this year in the outfield and then at the plate McLain would lead this team with an on base percentage of .581. Don’t forget a batting average that came in 2nd at .421 which will place this player at the top of the All-Time batting average for players with over 100 plate appearances. Not a bad year.

That player to finish above McLain’s batting average was Chase Anderson. Starting this season, Anderson made his first plate appearance as a pinch-hitter at 7th in the batting order.

In fact, Anderson started this year with a .100 batting average in his first 6 contests and was not in the line-up for two of those games. Then, in his next 20 games, Chase would reach base safely batting .500 (28-56) and a .569 on base percentage.

Anderson was part of a combo catcher with Junior Dalton Stanley. Anderson was a versatile player and was a regular in the infield at either short stop or third base,  based on who would be pitching.

A Swiss Army Knife deluxe that would make MacGyver smile.

Speaking of Stanley, this young man was relegated as a catcher only status during his first two seasons. This year, Stanley would earn some plate time and batted a respectable .273 and had more walks (7) than strikeouts (4) in his 40 plate appearances.

This catcher’s duo (Chase & Dalton) will return next season to continue as quarterbacking this team behind the plate while throwing out 18 baserunners at a .346 rate.

Another rags to riches story was reached by Tanner Schultz as a batter. Yes, his pitching has been a great addition these past 3 seasons and winning 8 games was the second most in a season after a stellar season on the mound by Tyler Pauly.

Schultz became a force at the plate this year as this young man came into the year with a pedestrian .198 batting average. Contrast that with his .352 average this season after collecting 11 more hits than reached in those first two.

Every facet of Schultz’s batting was an improvement when comparing his first two campaigns with this year’s showing.

Tanner Schultz       At Bats  Runs  Hits  RBI   2b  3b  HR   BB  SO   AVE  OBP  SLG
First 2 Years         106      11    21    15    6   0   1    7  19  .198 .286 .283
This Season            91      13    32    18    8   1   1   18  15  .352 .482 .516
Three Year Composite  197      24    53    33   14   1   2   25  34  .269 .385 .381

Freshman               52       3     8     7    2   0   0    3  14  .154 .192 .224
Sophomore              54       8    13     8    4   0   1    4   5  .241 .317 .370

This segment of the article is for those Hawk players that did not produce like they would have liked. Study these numbers and know that with age comes wisdom and if these Schultz numbers play out in the same ballpark for those players, that were disappointed in their production, then know that things change and that is especially true for baseball.

The ReSporter will continue this overview of this past season and below you have the players that are etched in stone for season & career stats.

Achieved Records that were reached by CL & Seniors are in Hawk Green.


SEASON             Place     #               CAREER            Place      #
                                     AT BATS
Tyler Pauly         1st    104               Tyler Pauly        3rd     215
Hunter Anderson     2nd     97               Tanner Schultz     5th     199
Tanner Schultz      3rd     93               James LaLonde     14th     160
Chase Anderson      4th     86
Griffen Williams    6th     80
Matthew McLain      7th     76
James LaLonde      11th     75

James LaLonde       1st     30               James LaLonde      2nd      54
Tyler Pauly         2nd     29               Tyler Pauly        5th      43
Hunter Anderson     3rd     27               Ty Sellers        22nd      27
Matthew McLain      5th     23               Hunter Anderson   22nd      27
Peyton McMullen     6th     22               Peyton McMullen   24th      25
Chase Anderson      8th     20               Matthew McLain    25th      23

Chase Anderson      1st     37               Tyler Pauly        3rd      75
Tyler Pauly         2nd     36               Tanner Schultz     6th      54
Tanner Schultz      3rd     32               James LaLonde      7th      53
Matthew McLain      3rd     32               Chase Anderson    20th      39
Hunter Anderson     5th     31               Hunter Anderson   22nd      34
Griffen Williams    9th     28               Matthew McLain    25th      32
James LaLonde      11th     24

Griffen Williams    1st     38               Tyler Pauly        1st      61
Tyler Pauly         2nd     33               Griffen Williams   7th      38
Chase Anderson      3rd     22               Tanner Schultz     8th      35
Hunter Anderson     4th     21               James LaLonde     10th      29
Tanner Schultz      4th     21               Chase Anderson    12th      27
Matthew McLain      6th     19               Hunter Anderson   19th      23

                               BASE on BALLS 
Tyler Pauly         1st     36               Tyler Pauly        1st      63
Matthew McLain      2nd     24               James LaLonde      9th      30
James LaLonde       5th     18               Matthew McLain    15th      24           
Tanner Schultz      5th     18               Hunter Anderson   16th      20
Hunter Anderson     5th     18

                               STOLEN BASES 
James LaLonde       3rd     13               Tyler Pauly         4th     23
Tyler Pauly         3rd     13               James LaLonde       5th     20
                                             Jeremy Greene      12th     12

BATTING AVERAGE                              DOUBLES
Chase Anderson      2nd   .430               Tyler Pauly         2nd     17
Matthew McLain      3rd   .421               Tanner Schultz      4th     14

ON BASE PERCENTAGE                           TRIPLES
Matthew McLain      1st   .581               Tyler Pauly         3rd      3
Tyler Pauly         6th   .518               Tanner Schultz      7th      2
Chase Anderson      8th   .510

SLUGGING PERCENTGAGE                         HOME RUNS  
Griffen Williams    1st   .659               Griffen Williams    1st      6
Chase Anderson      6th   .547               Tanner Schultz      8th      2
Matthew McLain      7th   .539
Tyler Pauly         8th   .529
Tanner Schultz     10th   .516

                              INNINGS PITCHED 
Tanner Schultz      2nd   75.1               Tanner Schultz      1st  156.1
Tyler Pauly         3rd   72.1               Tyler Pauly         2nd  149.1

Tyler Pauly         1st     94               Tyler Pauly         1st    190
Tanner Schultz      2nd     78               Tanner Schultz      2nd    152
Peyton McMullen    11th     40               Peyton McMullen    10th     61

                             EARNED RUN AVERAGE 
Peyton McMullen     3rd   0.81               Peyton McMullen     1st   1.44
Tyler Pauly         4th   1.17               Tyler Pauly         2nd   1.74
Tanner Schultz      8th   2.20               Tanner Schultz      3rd   2.29
Hunter Anderson     9th   2.95               Hunter Anderson     5th   2.80

Tyler Pauly         1st     11               Tanner Schultz      1st     20
Tanne Schultz       2nd      8               Tyler Pauly         2nd     18
Peyton McMullen     9th      3               Peyton McMullen     9th      4

Peyton McMullen     2nd      2               Peyton McMullen     2nd      3
                                             Hunter Anderson     2nd      3