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Football, Game Article | August 22, 2021

Hawk Freshman Dominate Elgin Scrimmage


     Hawk Freshman Defense stymied the Elgin team in last scrimmage before Wimbo game Thursday.


Canyon Lake’s Freshman scrimmage with Elgin was night and day different from their previous Cuero audition to this season.

                         Go Hawkst!!

That Cuero scrimmage had a 9th Grade Team than dominated coming out of the blocks with long runs and scoring at will but as that practice continued, the Hawks dominance was non-existent ending with a score that needed every ounce of energy to make it across the goal line.

A week later, CL Freshman dominated from start to finish with several players continuing to improve much like this group of players did while playing at Mountain Valley these past two seasons.

“We were too sterile last week but today we played more loose,” Head Freshman Coach Javier Almanza relayed. “The team had to remember that they would be tired but today they played with much more energy and we stressed that this week.”

Josiah Rodriguez was a spark plug through much of this scrimmage as his energy was seen on both sides of the ball.

“I get energy and work to help make the team better,” Rodriguez said. “We will continue to put in our hard work because we have a tough game coming up and we will need to fight extra hard and we will be successful.”

Josiah Rodriguez & Ryder Hopper next stop will be first game of high school career.

If this Freshman crew improves as much as they did these past two seasons at MVMS then this will be a fun group to watch. That improvement between the 7th to the 8th grade had improvements across the board.

Ryder Hopper was another one of many Hawks on this day showing a lot of resolve in turning that first scrimmage into a much better performance.

“This was a good game to get our confidence,” Hopper exclaimed. “We will be excited to get everyone ready to go into next week and get a win.”

On what side of the ball (offense/defense) that he likes the best, “I like offense but playing defense lets me hit people and I like that and if you get a good play then that helps fire up the team.”

A good day for a team that continues to improve and will ready for a huge test this coming Thursday in Wimberley for that first kick-off.

Way to Go Freshman Hawks!!