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Football, Standings, Stats | October 3, 2021

District 13-4A Standings & District Team Stats

                 A packed Homecoming crowd was on hand for Canyon Lake’s win over Blanco, 7-0.

                DISTRICT 13-4A DIVISION I

                School           W   L     Pct
                Austin LBJ       5   0   1.000
                CL Hawks         3   2    .600
                Fredericksburg   3   2    .600
                Taylor           3   2    .600
                Lampasas         2   3    .400
                Burnet           2   3    .400

                This Week’s Games:
                CL Hawks         @   Austin LBJ     7:30pm
                Fredericksburg   @   Burnet
                Taylor           @   Lampasas                  

                This Week’s Results:
                CL Hawks     07    Blanco     00
                Burnet       28    Jarrell    21


Defensive Back Joe Gonzales saved a touchdown by getting a hand on a Blanco player with that preserved a shut-out.

It was a small sample size this week with High School Football in  District 13-4A with Burnet and Canyon Lake the only participants.

The Bulldogs joined the Hawks in the winning column and now the opening of district play will begin this coming Friday for the next 5 weeks.

With 4 of the 5 schools with above .500 records and those other two schools with a 2-3 record shows how wide open this district will be especially from the 2nd place on down slots.

As far as resume’s goes, Austin LBJ has turned in an impressive non-district slate and results as this #3 Ranked team in Texas will be odds on favorites in carrying the district race as the team to catch.

That means CL will start district with an away date against these Jaguars and will have their hands full. LBJ’s wins over La Vega and Liberty Hill speaks for itself while Canyon Lake’s two losses might have gone a long way in matching those two schools, but losing both games gives an idea of that tough hill to climb this Friday.

CL’s defense had a strong showing against Blanco with a shut-out but Austin LBJ will bring speed and some strong line play this week on both sides of the ball.

                       Let’s Go Hawks!!

The Hawks rank no lower than 3rd in the 4 categories below for defense but the offensive side of the ledger paints a whole different picture with The Lake ranked last in district in scoring and passing offense. Of course that passing last place is to be expected since that is not a weapon used in a slot-t offense at its core.

A concerning stat though is how low CL’s yardage is for the rushing game with a 210 yard per game average ranking 3rd in district. So, for total offense, the Hawks find themselves near the bottom and will need to improve that part of the equation for a chance of winning a title much less finishing in playoff contention.

There will be no off week with Taylor and Fredericksburg, the two schools that were left home last year when post-season started have shown that they are capable of competing for those 4 playoff spots.

Burnet has now won their last two contests and will start play against Fredericksburg, who are in a two game losing streak. Either of those trends will continue or be stopped this week.

                       Go Far Hawks!!

Lampasas has a date against Taylor and with a lopsided loss, the Ducks, had in their last game before a bye week will see if this team is legit or not.

The Badgers lost a bus load of talent to graduation  last school year but still seem to be scoring with reckless abandon and are leading district in scoring at 37.8 points per game.

Canyon Lake will have two home games left which is one more hurdle needed to be cleared to see where the Hawks stand when the dust settles after the next 5 weeks.

The Austin LBJ hurdle will look more like a high jump event this week which should give a good idea of what the fortunes hold for the Hawk Nation.

Let’s Go Hawks!!


                           TEAM STATS

       POINTS AVERAGE    OFFENSE                      DEFENSE
       Lampasas           37.8      CL Hawks           18.2
       Austin LBJ         36.4      Fredericksburg     22.8
       Fredericksburg     35.0      Austin LBJ         23.2
       Taylor             26.2      Burnet             30.0
       Burnet             20.2      Taylor             31.6
       CL Hawks           18.8      Lampasas           39.2

       TOTAL YARDAGE     OFFENSE                      DEFENSE
       Austin LBJ        408.6      Fredericksburg    267.2
       Fredericksburg    385.2      Austin LBJ        285.2
       Lampasas          372.5      CL Hawks          295.4
       Taylor            319.8      Taylor            342.6
       CL Hawks          254.4      Burnet            344.8
       Burnet            241.5      Lampasas          421.8

       RUSHING           OFFENSE                      DEFENSE
       Fredericksburg    241.8      Fredericksburg     60.0
       Austin LBJ        247.4      CL Hawks          155.8
       CL Hawks          210.4      Austin LBJ        157.8
       Taylor            175.8      Burnet            205.0
       Lampasas          190.2      Taylor            223.2
       Burnet            142.3      Lampasas          225.8

       PASSING           OFFENSE                      DEFENSE
       Lampasas          190.0      Taylor             76.4
       Fredericksburg    162.2      Burnet            119.0
       Austin LBJ        155.2      Austin LBJ        123.4
       Taylor            144.6      CL Hawks          138.6
       Burnet            110.3      Lampasas          196.0
       CL Hawks           44.0      Fredericksburg    207.2