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Game Article, Girls Soccer | March 30, 2022

Hawks Score, Wait, Hawks Scored Again in Romp over Jones, 6-1


             Canyon Lake Hawks taking it easy after Area Round and now prepare for Boerne.

In their last 11 games this Beeville Jones team had played, before this Area battle with Canyon Lake, had given up only 3 goals total. Total….Those 11 contests had this Trojan team with a 10-0-1 record and they were victorious against this Hawk squad on January 7th winning , 3-1..

Way to GO LADY HAWKS & Vote in May for runoff.

Then the game started and CL continued their onslaught starting in their Bi-District game with good offense & defense by scoring 2 goals before fans had a chance to see if they had their refreshments in place and everyone had figured out how to beat a strong wind.

During these two playoff games played, CL has totaled 11 first half goals which has taken all hope for continuing post-season play for their opponents using a quick offensive start. A game that had gusts of wind so bad that the Floresville Stadium staff took the USA Flag down at halftime because of the beating it was taking.

Other things that have been taking a beating would be any school in Region IV that is having to play a team from District 26-4A. All four schools (including CL) has won both games. Adding up all the scores, this foursome are 8-0 and have outscored their opponents, 48-2.

“Our district has definitely prepared us better for post season than any districts we have faced so far,” Head Soccer Coach Kara Stracener opened. “It may be more difficult to snag those top 4 spots, but it pays off in the post season.”

                    Hawk Proud!!

Now, all 4 schools will meet again on Thursday with a guarantee that 2 District 25-4A teams will take a jaunt down to McAllen for a chance to punch their ticket for a Final Four berth.

“As a team we have talked about doing a better job of starting games,” Coach Stracener started. “In the past it has taken us time to get into the rhythm of a game. We have emphasized the importance of our preparation and warming up to start a game strong. It has made a huge difference in playoffs.”

Pace (pardon the pun) yourself as The ReSporter shares a litany of The Lake’s scoring…please don’t forget to take a breath as this happens at a rapid Pace. (Did it again.)

Gabi Pace scored the first 2 goals with assists from Graci Villarreal and Maddie Olberholtzer.

MVP’s Gabi Pace & Maddie Olberholtzer were on fire in Beeville win.

That first score was one minute and six seconds into the game and the second goal happened 5 minutes later.

The Jones Trojans converted a break-a-way goal 7 minutes after CL’s score and would raise some relief  and angst on both sidelines.

CL doused any hopes Jones might have had when Maddie ‘O’ received a great pass from Isabelle Lucero and scored with 22:37 remaining before halftime, 3-1.

A minute later or :54 seconds to be exact, Maddie ‘O’ had her 2nd of 3 assists for Pace at the 21:33 mark which would be her 3rd score and resulted in some separation which continued for the next 20 minutes.

One of CL’s more exciting plays happened when Mackenzi Ahlman was fouled and The Lake would call on Emily Pena for a kick from the 26 yard line on the home team’s sideline. A perfectly placed ball that just missed scoring but had Maddie Pipkin ready to clean it up which gave CL a, 5-1 advantage with still 15:07 left before break time.

              Way to Go Lady Hawks!!

For the final score of the game and half, Maddie ‘O’ had another good pass to Pena who dribbled for the net and deposited the ball on the left side of the net and outstretched hands of the Trojan’s goalie. This score happened with :28 seconds remaining which would put the proverbial nail in the Trojan’s coffin, 6-1.

CL would play keep a way for the next half as they coasted for their second round win in a similar fashion from a week earlier in their Bi-District win over IDEA, 7-1.

“It is nice to see our offense starting to click and combine with each other for some really nice finishes,” Coach Stracener said without losing her breath. “Our back line has had a great start to the playoffs as well and has also continued to click with each other. I love that we are still getting better even in the playoffs. We will hopefully take this into the next game against Boerne.”

Way to Go Lady Hawks! BEAT Boerne!!

Canyon Lake will meet the Greyhounds at Smithson Valley with start time at 7:00pm for a Regional Quarterfinals round. Canyon Lake will be the underdog having two Boerne losses on this year’s resume. The winner will be booking hotel rooms in McAllen for a possible two games and a chance to play in Austin.

Coach Stracener gave the Hawk Nation her thoughts on this next rung on their ladder, “Boerne is a very strong opponent, so we have to continue building on the momentum of these first two wins, and stick to our game plan. The pressure is on Boerne, not us. We have nothing to lose but believe anything can happen and we are going to give them our best game tomorrow!”

Shelby Rasor & Maddie Pipkin are all smiles after seeing their was nothing to this Trojan horse!!

On Pipkin’s thoughts on this game and a upcoming battle with Greyhounds, “We will need to keep the same energy and fire. We will get results against Boerne. We have learned to play with each other and have figured each other out….I think at this level of the game it took us longer to adjust.”

Shelby Rasor received the game MVP last week and continued her strong play against Beeville also responded to this game and how well the team is performing, “We have learned to work *cohesively and trust each other. The beginning of district was when I noticed our communication was better.”

*Cohesively word has been put in first place for words that students have used in interviews this school year with The ReSporter. Congrats!!

Should be nothing planned for CL fan base that should deter making a short trek to SV to encourage this team against a good Greyhound team.

Let’s Go Hawks and Score again!!


  Time    Goals                Assists                 Score
 38:54    Gabi Pace            Graci Villareal         Hawks 1-0
 33:38    Gabi Pace            Maddie Olberholtzer     Hawks 2-0
 26:19    Trojan               Horse                   Hawks 2-1
 22:37    Maddie Olberholtzer  Isabelle Lucero         Hawks 3-1
 21:44    Gabi Pace            Maddie Olberholtzer     Hawks 4-1
 15:07    Maddie Pipkin        Emily Pena              Hawks 5-1
  0:28    Emily Pena           Maddie Olberholtzer     Hawks 6-1

          2nd Half? Just some more Great Defense!