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Football, Standings, Stats | October 10, 2022

District 13-4A Div I Team/Individuals Stats & Recap

                                                     Chase Anderson touchdown catch thrown by Hunter Anderson!                                                                           (photo by Dan Reed Photography https://www.danreedphotography.com)


A litmus test had it’s first run with this first week of district games now in the books.

                    Let’s GO HAWKS!!

Comments from coaches on how their non-district battles helped them with wins combined with coaches on the losing side pointing out mistakes that cost them a chance to come out victorious.

First off, The ReSporter ran a list of who each District 13-4A team played and in playing larger schools is and should not be the only factor for how a school might compete when a district slate begins.

Case and point is looking at Marble Falls vs. Canyon Lake. Yes both schools played a busload of larger schools.

The Mustangs played 3 schools that were higher classification as did Canyon Lake. So, on if playing larger schools was any indication on how well district might play out then it would have a person to conclude this game should have been closer.

That variable needs to be taken with a bit more contemplation. Such as, as good were those larger schools? MF’s had two victories over 5A teams that had yet to win a game while CLake had schools that were much further along in their football pedigree.

Hence a 42-07 drubbing that The Lake gave in this game gives a clearer vision of who would have won the contest.

Davenport is next on the docket and the Wolves played 4 higher classification of schools and those schools presently have a, 10-15 combined record.

                         Let’s GO HAWKS!!

Just the facts….does not mean Canyon Lake will beat them but those variables should be administered when you hear that such and such school played several larger schools hence being ready for district competition.

What is known undoubtedly is seeing that this Davenport team can score points and has averaged 43 per game thus far. The Wolves defense is giving up 32 points which has not been their strong suit.

Lampasas had a statement game in their win over Burnet, 24-07 and will welcome Taylor at their house this Friday. The Badgers are playing well but a Duck team that will have their backs against the wall in not wanting to start district play with an 0-2 record.

Two undefeated (Hawks & Wolves) and two one loss schools (Bulldogs & Mustangs) will go a long way in clearing up a front runner and the team that might be doomed for an end to a season after the schedule ends.

The question going into will be just how tough each school’s football schedule was and for those teams that played a softer set of games…did that help with what goes on in between those two ears of their players.

A more confident team will go a long way in determining which mascot will be at the top when district finishes win 4 weeks!!

Let’s GO HAWKS!!


                    TEAM DISTRICT STATS
          Offense              Defense
          CL Hawks      42     CL Hawks      07
          Davenport     32     Lampasas      07
          Taylor        29     Burnet        24
          Lampasas      24     Davenport     29
          Burnet        07     Taylor        32
          Marble Falls  07     Marble Falls  42

          CL Hawks     457     Lampasas     196
          Davenport    431     CL Hawks     216
          Taylor       380     Burnet       308
          Lampasas     308     Davenport    380
          Marble Falls 216     Taylor       431
          Burnet       196     MFalls       457

          CL Hawks     369     Lampasas      17
          Davenport    353     Burnet       183
          Taylor       246     CL Hawks     196
          Marble falls 196     Davenport    246
          Lampasas     183     Taylor       353
          Burnet        17     Marble Falls 369

          Burnet       179     CL Hawks      20
          Taylor       134     Taylor        78
          Lampasas     125     Marble Falls  88
          CL Hawks      88     Taylor       125
          Davenport     78     Davenport    134
          Marble Falls  20     Lampasas     179

         RUSHING                    RECEIVING 
Shastin Golden         345 Wolves   Chase Anderson  78 Hawks
Andrias Fisher         168 Ducks    Ellett Clark    69 Bulldogs
Helijah Johnson        159 Hawks    Owen Stubbs     63 Badgers
Aden Rascoe             72 Badgers  Emmet Greiiman  60 Wolves
Jett Walker             71 Badgers  Javis Anderson  49 Ducks
Justin Abbott           65 Hawks    Conner Cobb     34 Ducks
James Garza             64 Hawks    A Contrill      32 Ducks
Ryan Valdez             39 Ducks    Kyler Payne     22 Wolves

                  DISTRICT 13 4A-Division I STANDINGS
           OVERALL                   DISTRICT

              W   L    Pct  PF  PA                 W   L    Pct  PF  PA
Davenport     6   0  1.000 258 196   CL Hawks      1   0  1.000  42  07
Lampasas      4   2   .667 212 126   Davenport     1   0  1.000  32  29
Taylor        3   3   .500 206 175   Lampasas      1   0  1.000  24  07
Burnet        3   3   .500 161 166   Burnet        0   1   .000  07  24
CL Hawks      2   3   .400 140 113   Taylor        0   1   .000  29  32
Marble Falls  2   4   .333 118 170   Marble Falls  0   1   .000  07  42

                         This Week’s Games:
                   Davenport    @    CL Hawks      7:30p
                   Taylor       @    Lampasas
                   Burnet       @    Marble Falls

                         Last Week’s Results:
                   CL Hawks    42    Marble Falls   07
                   Lampasas    24    Burnet         07
                   Davenport   32    Taylor         29