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Softball, Stats | February 14, 2023

CL Hawk’s Softball Season Preview & All-Time Stats

                                                              Shelby Porter looking for a hard hit!!
(photo by Dan Reed Photography https://www.danreedphotography.com)


Canyon Lake’s Softball team lost 3 players to graduation from last year’s Bi-District Finalist team that finished with a 19-10-1 record.

It was the first time that both Baseball & Softball made the post-season during their same campaign.

                    Way to go Hawks!!

It was a pretty good overall year with a group of ladies who finished as a team with the 2nd Best Batting Average (.369) behind the 2019 team (.397) but when you delve deeper, last year’s team finished first all-time in On Base Percentage (.481) and Slugging Percentage (.545) in Hawk history.

In the circle, The Lake, was middle of the road with a 4.33 earned run average. If the Hawks were not on fire in the batting box then a much worse record would have been the result.

Giving up right at 7 runs per outing compared to scoring at a 7.66 runs per game average. Being on the plus side would be the end result for that stat.

The Hawks had 8 players that finished with a .300 average (with more than 15 at bats)or higher and 2 of those players graduated for hopefully greener pastures.

This team is young and will be returning all their pitchers which is good news in having another year of pitching to help lower that team 4.33 era.

Notice the 4.33 era compared to allowing 82 more runs due to an error from bad fielding.

                    Let’s GO HAWKS!!

That will be the main focus for this season as a better fielding team would turn many of last year’s losses to wins and a further ride into that Post-Season Sunset.

Another item to be looking for is having those Freshman & Sophomores from last year’s team being able to continue a good regular season into a stronger district. Consistency would be a key in seeing this team continue to improve with an overall better season.

For a strong lineup the Hawks have shown some signs that might continue when you look at the number of walks a hitter has compared to striking out.

A player that can have a plus with more walks, then it puts pressure on the opposing team, in fielding and that helps moving players around those bases even when the result is a ground or fly out.

Look at these stats from last year for Gabby Barnes.

                            Number of           % chance of
                BB   K’s   plate appearances  +/- striking out
Gabby Barnes    10   4            99          +       6       0.04%

Add that with the following percentages of a player walking back to the dugout after a strikeout.


Last Year            K’s    plate appearances   percentage
Alysa Johnson        10             78             12%
Shelby Porter        15             82             18%
Gabby Rivera         12             64             19%
Madison Hartman      21             91             23%
Aubrey Long           2             13             23%
Rianna Gonzales      20             85             24%

The ReSporter had heard from softball coaches and they deduced that a player would be classified that having a 25% strikeout ratio or lower would be a good sign for a chance to put an opposing team in peril.

                     Way to Go Hawks!!

As a team Canyon Lake had an exemplary 16% chance getting a strike out per plate appearance. That shows a team that had a good percentage of putting a ball in play hence the .481 on base percentage.

CL had a successful first scrimmage against Pieper and continued that same format in games with Blanco/Cuero.

This week the Hawks will play at the Hawk Nest against Abilene (2pm) and Southside (6pm) on Thursday. On Friday the Comal Classic will continue with a game with Alamo Heights (2pm) and then Westlake (6pm).

Seeding will determine who the Hawks will play on Saturday.

Below are some All-Time Stats Top 10 and how close some present players (in Hawk Green) stand on those lists.

Let’s Go Hawks!!


                              ALL-TIME STATS
At Bats                 Runs                    Hits
Alexis Robinson   360   Alexis Robinson   117   Carley Dubois      149
Kat Weber         329   Bailey Bryan      114   Bailey Bryan       139
Kelsey Ahrens     328   Carley Dubois     105   Alexis Robinson    135
Carley Dubois     327   Marley Carrizales  99   Marley Carrizales  132
Bailey Bryan      313   Kirsten Jones      89   Maddy Puente       115
Vicky Henderson   289   McKenna Beseda     80   Kelsey Ahrens      109
Maddy Puente      289   Missy Romero       77   Kat Weber          104
McKenna Beseda    274   Kat Weber          77   McKenna Beseda     103
Marley Carrizales 260   Kelsey Ahrens      73   Missy Romero        90
Missy Romero      251   Kenzie Sayles      72   RileyGlenMillhouse  89

Gabby Barnes      155 11. Gabby Barnes     68   17. Gabby Barnes    68
Shelby Porter     145                               Shelby Porter   43
                                                    Alysa Johnson   31

RBI’s                   Doubles                 Triples
Bailey Bryan      100   Maddy Puente       33   Alexis Robinson     15
Maddy Puente       99   Alexis Robinson    27   Missy Romero         9
Alexis Robinson    94   Brianna Young      24   Kenzie Sayles        7
Kelsey Ahrens      76   Missy Romero       24   Bailey Bryan         6
Brianna Young      75   Kelsey Ahrens      24   Kaylee Puente        6
RileyGlenMillhouse 72   Bailey Bryan       23   Maddy Puente         5
Kat Weber          64   Emma Lane          20   Kat Weber            5
Lauren Mentzer     59   RileyGlenMillhouse 19   Jessie Melendez      5
Missy Romero       55   Adriana Peaslee    18   Kelsey Ahrens        4
Carley Dubois      50   Lauren Mentzer     17   Gabby Barnes         4 
Adriana Peaslee    50                           Riley Glen-Millhouse 4
                        11) Gabby Barnes   16

Home Runs               Base on Balls           Stolen Bases
Bailey Bryan       14   Bailey Bryan       56   Carley Dubois       92
Alexis Robinson    11   Missy Romero       55   Marley Carrizales   53
Maddy Puente        8   Brianna Young      53   Kirsten Jones       45
Kenzie Sayles       7   Alexis Robinson    52   Bailey Bryan        41
Kelsey Ahrens       6   Emma Lane          43   Tiffany Arredondo   39
Gabby Barnes        6   Carley Dubois      39   McKenna Beseda      33
Brianna Young       4   Kat Weber          39   Gabby Barnes        32 
Shelby Porter       3   Marley Carrizales  38   Vicky Henderson     27
Angie Rodriguez     3   Kelsey Ahrens      35   Jodi Glen-Millhouse 26
Maggie Banks        3   Adriana Peaslee    29   Alex Henderson      25

                        18. Gabby Barnes    20
                        18. Madison Hartman 20
                        18. Gabby Rivera    20

                        BATTING AVE
                        Marley Carrizales  .508
                        Carley Dubois      .456
                        Bailey Bryan       .444
                        Gabby Barnes       .439 
                        Alysa Johnson      .437 
                        RileyGlenMillhouse .424
                        Adriana Peaslee    .399
                        Maddy Puente       .398
                        Kenzie Sayles      .391
                        McKenna Beseda     .376

Wins                    Saves                     Strikeouts
Missy Romero        41  Maggie Banks         10   Alexis Robinson  682
Alexis Robinson     40  Maddy Puente          4   Missy Romero     641
Lauren Mentzer      22  Alexis Robinson       2   Lauren Mentzer   258
Maddy Puente        21  Lauren Mentzer        1   Maddy Puente     214
Maggie Banks        21  Gabby Barnes          1   Gabby Barnes     212 
Gabby Barnes        15                            Kenzie Sayles    109
Kenzie Sayles        9                            Maggie Banks     103
Rianna Gonzales      5                            Rianna Gonzales   30 
Aubrey Long          3                            Aubrey Long        8 

Innings Pitches                                   ERA (Earned Run Ave)
Alexis Robinson  528.1                            Missy Romero     2.77
Missy Romero     498.1                            Alexis Robinson  3.35
Maddy Puente     250.1                            Lauren Mentzer   3.52
Lauren Mentzer   225.0                            Maggie Banks     3.78
Gabby Barnes     161.1                            Maddy Puente     5.12
Maggie Banks     157.2                            Aubrey Long      5.25 
Kenzie Sayles    146.1                            Gabby Barnes     5.87 
Rianna Gonzales   39.2                            Rianna Gonzales  6.61 
Aubrey Long        9.0                            Kenzie Sayles    7.76