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Stats, Volleyball | November 13, 2023

Volleyball Recap with Coach Villarreal & Season Stats



The ReSporter had a chance to catch-up with Head Volleyball Coach Daniella Villarreal after her first year at the helm and she shared her thoughts on this season as well as the future.

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The ReSporter: Hello Coach give us your end of year recap and started with her thoughts on this year’s Seniors.

Coach Daniella Villarreal: “This season we faced many challenges, and we grew and learned a lot from them. Our 4 Seniors, Haley (Eckert), Lisa (Montoya), Gigi (Cortez), and Krissie (Feller) led in their own unique ways, but overall, they have some of the most kind and gracious hearts I have ever coached and helped keep the team close and together.

Haley was a physical and vocal leader as she raised the level of play in the gym and pushed her teammates to bring their best.

Lisa and Krissie were the two that brought the consistent spirit of joy and positive energy in the gym each day, no matter the circumstances.

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Gigi brought the hustle and heart in the gym and that motivated her teammates to do the same. Despite not being able to reach our goal of winning more games this season, these girls still came to practice each day with a positive attitude. Their outstanding character on and off the court is what I will always remember about them.”

The ReSporter: What did you learn and how will that help shape your preparation for next season?

Coach Villarreal: “I learned a lot about the community of Canyon Lake. Someone told me to look at this year as a “research year.” This community is a very special place with so much support and connections found within it.

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All year the staff, families, parents, and others brought the team and I continuous support and encouragement. These girls are truly in a special place that is unlike other schools I’ve taught at.

As I am developing more connections in the area, I want to find more opportunities for these girls to continue to grow and improve in their sport all year. I am helping our high school girls find opportunities in New Braunfels and the San Antonio area, to improve with other competitor athletes in the area.

That development and experience with other athletes will help raise their level of play to get ready for next season. I was able to work with the 7th grade middle school players throughout their season and it made me want to also find more ways and opportunities for all youth and middle schoolers to play the game and improve throughout the year here in Canyon Lake.”

The ReSporter: What will you be doing during the rest of this year and into next season?

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Coach Villarreal: “Offseason plans are to continue to grow and develop the girls physically, mentally, and in their volleyball skill development.

These girls are some of the most hard working, coachable, and respectful kids I have ever coached, and I am very grateful for that because I know they will improve so much with that character and mindset.

The girls have had one season with me and as I have learned about them, they have learned about me and my expectations and goals for the program. I can’t wait to see them grow, improve, and accomplish great things together through the years.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach the Hawk Nation can’t wait to see what and how you sharpen the skills of these young ladies. Welcome to The Lake & Go Hawks!!


                        SEASON TOP 5 STATS

SERVICE ACES            KILLS                    ASSISTS
Haley Eckert      47    Haley Eckert      224    Chloe Gray       300
Chloe Gray        32    Huntleigh Morast  157    Lisa Montoya     287
Kylie Rodriguez   28    Kylie Rodriguez   147    Krissie Feller    56
Lisa Montoya      28    Brooklyn Andrews   61    Kylie Rodriguez   24
Krissie Feller    21    Remi Guzman        59    Remi Guzman       22

            DIGS                       BLOCKS
            Krissie Feller    348      Haley Eckert       16
            Kylie Rodriguez   336      Brooklyn Andrews    4
            Chloe Gray        180      Huntleigh Morast    4
            Huntleigh Morast  169      Kylie Rodriguez     1
            Lisa Montoya      159      Gabby Fory          1
                                       Chloe Gray          1