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Boys Basketball, Standings | February 5, 2024

CL Hawks Basketball Still Control Own Destiny for Playoffs

CL Hawks will be looking to bring those smiles back by winning out this week. Let’s Go Hawks!
(photo by Dan Reed Photography https://www.danreedphotography.com)


Season       W   L   Pct    District     W   L    Pct 
Boerne      26   5  .839    Boerne       9   0  1.000 
Davenport   24   7  .774    Davenport    8   1   .889 
Bandera     17  13  .567    Bandera      5   5   .500
Wimberley   16  13  .552    Wimberley    4   5   .444
Billies     16  14  .533    Canyon Lake  4   6   .400 
Canyon Lake 14  18  .438    Billies      3   6   .333 
Navarro      7  19  .269    Navarro      0  10   .000 
              District 27-4A
     Rest of District Season Schedule:

     February 6th
     Canyon Lake    @  Wimberley
     Fredericksburg @  Boerne
     Davenport      @  Bandera
     Navarro           DNP

     February 9th
     CL Hawks       @  Navarro
     Fredericksburg @  Wimberley
     Davenport      @  Boerne
     Bamdera           DNP

     February 13th
     Navarro        @ Fredericksburg
     Wimberley      @ Davenport
     Boerne         @ Bandera
     CL Hawks         DNP


Four Teams jockeying for 2 Spots: Games Remaining in order.

Canyon Lake (4-6) Wimberley, Navarro,   Open Date
Bandera     (5-5) Davenport, Open Date, Boerne
Texans:     (4-5) CL Hawks,  Billies,   Davenport
Billies:    (3-6) Boerne,    Texans,    Navarro

       Go Hawks & Beat the Texans!!

Get your slide rule or abacas out…or for the hip audience ask ‘Alexa’ or you can activate your AI for these next questions on who might qualify for those last playoff spots.

Boerne and Davenport has shored up those first two places while your Hawks along with Bandera-Wimberley-Fredericksburg facing a tag-team wrestling bout for a spot.

This is what we do know:

1)  If The Lake can win their next two contests then they would secure the 3rd seed. Control their own spot….

Looking at the schedule above there are several other scenarios.

2) Take into account that Boerne and Davenport have a chance with wins against all 4 teams above.

3) We know games that involve playing Navarro give a  favorable chance for a win.

(CL did win that first round bout with the Panthers but this 2nd round in district has

             Go Hawks Beat the Texans!!

produced nothing, to brag about as a Hawk fan, as they still search for that win. Plus this game is on the road)

The Hawks will need a, take no prisoners mind-set, in that battle and quite frankly for the whole week.

There is a chance in having 2, 3 or 4 teams being tied on February 13th. That would require those teams playing on Thursday-Friday or Saturday to untie this knot. One game for sure….two games if there are 3 or 4 teams tied. This scenario would also involve coin flips.

A four way tie would involve the Billies finishing 2-1 which would leave the Texans with another loss to go along with the Hawks win on Tuesday against our Back-Bone neighbor.

Bandera has the biggest hurdle this week facing both front running schools and those possible losses resulting with another 5-7 district record.

The only way a school can avoid playing an extra game to qualify is by winning both games against that opponent to break that tie. Hence, if CLHS can beat Wimbo then they would secure that spot for 3rd place based on Bandera also losing both of their games.

Confused yet? There will be a lot of  ‘what is happening around the league’  chatter for these next 3 dates.

The Lake and Bandera are the only two schools that have two more contests.

One last thought to take note:

A win by any of the 3 schools over Davenport or Boerne would go a long way for securing a spot for that school.

Wimberley plays Davenport.
Fredericksburg plays Boerne.
Bandera plays both schools.

Make the trip to Wimberley to give your Hawks a boost this coming Tuesday and Let’s Go Hawks!!