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Player Profile, Track & Field | April 30, 2024

Patterson sets out to Finish What she Started

Cadence Patterson is hoping for the ultimate in taking the 1st Place Podium at the State Meet this Thursday!!
Go Fast Cadence!!


Cadence Patterson made Canyon Lake history when she won first place in the 3200 meters at regionals with a personal best time of 10:45.53. Not only did she win, she garnered the all-time best record for Region IV.

                   Let’s Go Fast Cadence!!

In her 3200-meter event in Kingsville, Patterson started with the lead and never looked back winning this event 11 seconds before her next opponent crossed the finish line. The next day Patterson won her 1600-meter event, with her only competition coming from a Fredericksburg runner finishing two seconds later.

Patterson will be working to finish first in these two events at the state meet in Austin this week, an attempt unheard of in Canyon Lake High School history.

“I will put a lot of effort and time on my workouts and needing to accomplish my set goals,” Patterson said about her work-outs between the Region and State Meets. “On Mondays I will run 4 miles and then Tuesday I will have a five mile run and stride. I just find a lot of joy running and I love the solitude and how it brings people together.”

Patterson continued, “I want to make incremental improvements every time I step on the track and see what I can do on that day.”

                 GO FAST CADENCE!!

That attitude has been Patterson’s hard work ethic on becoming the best to the point of improving in each of her years as a Hawk trackster.

“When I started as a Freshman I would run 6 miles and now I’m running 10 miles and my average mile was 8:30 and now I want to average 6:30 per mile,” Cadence said without breaking her stride. “I started running in the summer going into my eighth grade year and this was before I knew that Cross Country was a sport so I would run to keep in shape, and I was also anxious so running helped as an outlet for me.”

“(Coach) Cameron said to try Cross Country and my first time to run I finished in second place, and that was in my first week going into eighth grade,” Cadence was hooked. “I ran the 400 and 800 in the district meet and came in fifth place, but I was very disappointed. I talked with my Dad and he said he knew that I was capable of doing more and since I have a natural competitive spirit. Dad gave me encouragement. I had dreams and goals to go with that.”

Patterson had a stress fracture early in high school and had to be patient in not going overboard to getting back to fast.

“Yeah, my Marble Falls Coach said that he could get me back quick, but I decided to take his slower approach to peak during my senior year and that would help me to be further ahead instead of coming back quicker.”

On what her thoughts are as she approaches her final meet on May 2nd, “I will just apply myself for my family and Coach. My running last year was disappointing (she finished 5th place in the 1600 and did not compete in the 3200-meter run in Austin) and it is super rewarding to be where I am right now. I have college (a scholarship to Houston) in a couple of months and finding my Marble Falls coach was a God thing. You know it’s in God’s Hands and I have learned that things happen for a reason.”

Canyon Lake sports has had success in most sports making playoffs and with some district championships since the inception of the school, but girl’s track and field had been late to this party in getting any positive accolades for their achievements. Now the girl’s track team has gone where no other Hawk has been in track. Patterson has a chance to finish first in two distance events (3200 and 1600) this Thursday adding to the track and field achievements of State Champions Mellissa Ellis (high jump) and Alencia Lentz (pole vault).

Canyon Lake ‘Hawk’ Proud!!

Patterson finished, “I’m going to State to Win!! And I look forward to the beginning of summer and have a chance to reach others down in college (Cadence was stating that running without being alone and having teammates that would be in her sphere and not running by herself) and I plan to be present in that moment and revel in the competition. “But for this week I will just be locked in and I am really excited and want to Finish what I Started!!”