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Coaches Corner, Football | April 15, 2024

AD Sam Parker Begins Moving Hills, Then Mountains

                   Dara, Sam, and Elly as Coach Parker will soon start the process of moving Hills.


There will be a lot of newness as this year slips to the horizon and there will a different sun that will come into focus when new Athletic Director Sam Parker takes control.

                   Let’s Go Coach Parker!!

When asked what his (Athletic Sam Parker) expectations were after seeing Canyon Lake finish one of their worst athletic years in regards for teams making the playoff with only Boys Water Polo and Ladies Soccer. 

Baseball and Softball both have an outside chance of ordering playoff shirts but those two sports would need some help with other schools winning or losing to achieve that chance.

Both Water Polo and Soccer were successful during their sport’s post-season and Water Polo (3rd Place) did not finish 3rd in district and Soccer 4th.

“It’s too early to see what they (football team) will look like,” Coach Parker started. “But I will want them to go into every game knowing that they worked as hard as they could. We will start by wanting to win those little moments each day then watch those days become weeks.”

                              Let’s Go Hawks!!

When asked what Coach Parker meant by the word….culture, “It Is the expectation of holding each other accountable and being able to have tough love for a belief and an experience of each individual deciding to do their best…becoming a group or team.”

Coach Parker talked about hiring his Defensive and Offensive Coordinator, “I asked Kurt Sloan to be our Defensive Coordinator and he is from Katy High and he has been a defensive coordinator for 12 years and has tons of knowledge and he was my first phone call. I wanted him when I was hired at my other school but his children were in their high school years and he did not want to move yet.”

Coach Parker continued, “Brad Manning will be our Offensive Coordinator and he has been in that position for 5-6 years. He played college football and is coming from Tomball Memorial where we worked together.”

                      GO Coach Parker!!

Parker’s offense was a balanced attack last year and his thoughts on what that side of the ball might look like this next season, “We will have to look at our schemes that put our players in a place they can be successful…we have to throw and run the ball effectively and I will guarantee our offense will have runs and passing based on how we schemed for our games. 

We will have to scheme to our kids and not the other team and our defense epitome of having accountability is a must and ultimately we will look at each positive and negative each day.

Our job as coaches is to take each player and get them to a standard to become successful….zero times anything will equal zero so our expectations have to look good!”

On what was Coach Parker’s sales pitch was to get two 6A coaches from Houston to accept coaching at a 4A school, “There is an excitement of being at a new place and the Hill Country was looked at as their last move and then we will start building a solid foundation so we can be here for a long time.

We want the kids to  come everyday with higher expectations and kids will meet that goal.”

Canyon Lake ‘Hawk’ Proud!!

Coach Parker closed with his plans for this Summer, “We will have 7 weeks and we will want them to learn how to do it (play football) better and win each moment and go from 0% to 100%.

The ReSporter has been asking returning players what their thoughts have been since Parker was hired and to a student their excitement and wanting to do their best in every aspect from workouts to changing into a culture of winning.

Fun times in seeing that Coach Parker had also rehired Coach Brian Hooper to help with the lines after missing last season dressed on the sideline as Defensive Coordinator for The Lake. Welcome back Coach Hooper.

Side Note: This interview had way more talking points than This ReSporrter would be able to write fast enough to encapsulate. Coach Parker talked bout his coaching techniques and nuances in getting the most out of a player that will put them in a position to win no matter their opponent’s record.

Culture was Parker’s main concept on how to help students get to a point for success. It reminds The ReSporter of Matthew 17:20, “Because you have little faith, Truly I (Jesus) tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Canyon Lake will now start moving the the Hills before tackling mountains but after listening to Coach Parker, The ReSporter ran home instead of taking the car. 

Now it’s time for some culture classes.

Tomball Memorial’s Sam Parker Hired as Athletic Director/Football Coach

Let’s Go Canyon Lake Hawks!!